No one ever before crossed the Austrialian continent from west to east by bike faster than Gerhard Gulewicz.

7 days 8 hours and 49 minutes.

Starting on November 11th, 2007 in Perth from the west coast. Gerhard had to cycle 4215 km to Sydney. The goal was to beat Wolfgang Faschings record (7 days 19 hours 47 minutes) from 1999.
That meant over 1 week of constantly cycling.

320 kilometers before the finish line Gerhard had an accident. Severely injured he was taken to the hospital. He had a severe cheek injury, the corner of his eye was wounded and he lost his front teeth. After 7 hours of rest Gerhard decided to continue his world record journey. He finished the 320 km and as a result he broke the record of Fasching.

The idea of this world record was to donate for „Licht ins Dunkel“. That way € 5.100,- were collected.

The record holders:

1999 – 2007       Wolfgang Fasching

2007 – 2017       Gerhard Gulewicz

January  2017   Christoph Strasser