Gerhard Gulewicz as pacemaker.

2016 Gerhard will again do the pacemaking on the extreme distance.

This year the time limits will be reorganized and the first check point will be moved forward, so the participants will have more time for the rest of the distance.

Gerhards goal is to cycle at a steady pace so the estimated time of arrival will be between 8:50 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Participants have not to worry about not reaching the required time if they will follow Gerhard.

Fun, action and motivation guaranteed!

Preparation and training

How should the preparation and training be like to reach the finish line of the Salzkammergut Trophy?

This question are the frequently asked. Gerhards principle is to train as time-saving as possible. It’s quality not quantity that counts.

As a successful cyclist, state-certified cycling instructor and mind coach Gerhard knows best how to achieve successfully goals.

This program includes: