We are convinced that everybody who holds out long enough and never gives up will achieve the goal!

  • The difficulty on that journey is to deal with obstacles, throwbacks and defeat.
  • The F.L.U.S.® shows clear and easy understandable possibility to change your thoughts lastingly.
  • With the F.L.U.S.® you can bring your thinking, your persistence and your motivation to a whole new level and you learn how to achieve your goal step by step.


  • Goal setting, motivation and persaverance are the 3 elements of succes. Using this attributes and combine them in the right way will lead to success.
  • Once a goal is set the motivation is usually very high. But if obstacles arise the motivation goes down. And if obstacles become big enough you lose track.
  • Gerhard Gulewicz knows how to deal with obstacles and he knows how to persevere and not get side tracked.
  • With his F.L.U.S.®