Attention – A Life in Extremes is a 90-minute documentary film, based on the stories of three extraordinary men and will give an unusual perspective on the conditions and forms of expression that define our modern society.

We will follow a wingsuit flyer (Halvor Angvik), a freediver (Guillaume Néry) and an extreme cyclist (Gerhard Gulewicz) in their ambitious struggle to reach the top in their field in the sports world.

They fly along craggy cliffs, dive without oxygen equipment in the depths of the sea and compete during inconceivably exhausting cycling tours. By providing evidence that the human body possess earlier unthought-of abilities, these men rise to the status of modern-day heroes.

These are people, who stand out from the crowd by possessing special skills and extraordinary adventurism as they challenge accepted physical and mental limits. But what makes the heroes do this? What sort of lives  do people live, who are at the alleged head of a socially recognized elite?

The process, the apparatus and the necessary support, which are crucial for success in sport, will be explained.

At the same time, however, it will be important to explore, the difficulties of economic survival and the resulting need for contemporary media stylization. The personal stories of the three athletes will illustrate the social conditions, which influenced them on their path towards becoming the heroes they are now.

The machinery behind the popular phenomenon, the economic factor and the hero myth will not just be shown but also critically questioned. The athletes will reveal their personal side, providing a contrast to their role as modern heroes. We get to know the wishes and fears of the family. And we venture one step further into the psyche of the athletes by getting to know their inner circle of friends. Questions about the extraordinary life styles of these people will be considered. Do heroes eat, drink and live differently?